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You Would Never Expect a Fine Dining Restaurant to Offer You Appetizers at That Price

Hola amigos! Are you curious to find out what’s new in the street kitchen of Bailey? If you are, then this post is just what you need to read as today, we will tell you which the selected appetizers are that you can get in our fine dining restaurant at half price every day from 4:30pm to 8pm during our happy hour.

fine-dining-restaurant-whittier-caOur Appetizer Menu

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers (filled with cream cheese and served with fiesta salad) – $6.95.

Crispy onions (served with homemade ranch dressing) – $4.95.

Fried avocado (served with a cocktail sauce) – $6.95

Black mussels (Steamed mussels in a white wine herb sauce with a touch of tomato and basil) – $10.95.

Calamari (served with spicy marinara sauce) – $9.95.

Coconut shrimp (served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce and Asian salad) – $11.95.

Mozarella sticks (served with marinara) – $ 6.99.

Hushpuppies (served with honey chipolte ranch) – $4.95

Truffle fries (fries mixed in truffle oil and parmesan cheese) – $6.95

Sweet potato fries – $ 6.95

Colombian style empanadas (one cheese and one beef/ 2 per order) – $6.00

Mushrooms Buenos Aires (sauteed mushrooms with white wine, garlic and parsley) – $7.99

But what about the drinks?

Delicious food like that should be accompanied by a nice drink. This is why, during our happy hour, Bailey Street Kitchen offers beers for $3 & selected wines for $6 for the thirsty ones. To reserve a table in our fine dining restaurant in Whittier, CA during our happy hour, you can call us at (562) 464-0171! If you want to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or organize another party at our restaurant, we will be glad to help you with all the details and will specially decorate a festive table where you, your family, and friends can have fun without being disturbed by other people who dine at our place.

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