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The Rich Taste of Italian Food

Who has not heard of the culinary taste of Italy? Many modern foods today are impacted by the culinary art of this great nation, and today it continues to impress us with an amazing variety of good meals. Bailey Street Kitchen is here to provide you with a few known dishes you can appreciate. Keep on reading!


Ah, the spaghetti. More commonly known as noodles, spaghetti are quite different. As drawing pencils differ from one another, spaghetti separate into types as well by number, thickness, texture, and so on. Spaghetti can be served as an independent meal as well as a part of another exquisite dish. What completes them and unravels their superb taste are the special sauces. If you have the opportunity of trying Italian food, do not miss your chance!

Yummy food Ravioli

Another type from the pasta family, ravioli are an incredible piece of culinary art. The dough for this cuisine is created with special ingredients, and then cut into small rectangle pieces. After they are paired, the inside is filled with a variety of cheese and spices. If you prefer your ravioli to have a bit more to them, you can always add a bit of minced meat. They can be cooked and served in several different methods, all according to your personal specifications.


Who doesn’t know pizza? There are people that have eaten pizza all of their lives, yet they did not know it came from Italy. Some say that pizza pie is one of the greatest culinary inventions in the world, and making a good pizza requires the skill of a culinary maestro. The pizza cab be customized with almost everything. From fish and red meat to vegetables and fruit, a pizza can become anything you want!

Are you interested in what other marvels Italian food can offer? Contact our Whittier, CA experts. They will gladly tell you more!

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