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How to Choose a Fine Dining Restaurant in Whittier CA

seasonal menu 03 15Nearly everyone loves good food. In the past few years, people usually eat out after a stressful day at work. And, it has become rare to eat at home on weekends. Most of the restaurants in Whittier, are usually filled with customers. Some offer themes and specialized menus which will suit almost every occasion. However, to narrow down your search, simply choose Bailey Street Kitchen – we are a fine dining restaurant which is second to none.

We have just created a new seasonal menu, which includes such scrumptious favorites as, Chef’s Club, Greek Salad, Hungos AL Horno, which are delicious oven baked stuffed mushrooms. So there is something for the whole family to enjoy.


At Bailey Street Kitchen, we offer several excellent dishes to suit everyone palate. The atmosphere can be quiet and peaceful or full of life and energy, depending on which day you choose to come. People can talk while enjoying good food and music. Choosing us is the only choice to make, when looking for a great place to spend time with family or friends.

Fine Dining

wine tastingWhittier has numerous fast food places, which serve quick and tasty food via self service. These places have become more popular for individuals that are in a hurry. Casual dining restaurants are the best choice when people just want to stop for a bite. This, however, is the complete opposite of what to expect when you choose us.

Restaurants in Whittier are famous for fine dining. We are such a fine dining restaurant, and we focus on preparation, presentation, and excellent customer service. As the phrase suggests, we offer the complete dining experience to all our valued clients.

We have also arranged for a wine tasting event to be held on the 20th June, from 6pm till 9pm. We will combine good food, atmosphere, and fine wine for our customers to enjoy. So, if you reside in the Whittier, CA area, simply call us at (562) 464-0171 to make a reservation.

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