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The Signs of a Professional Caterer

Have you ever wandered what skills a professional must possess in order to become a real cook? Is it the knowledge of different recipes? Bailey Street Kitchen has prepared for you a few of the fundamental basics which every caterer needs to know prior to developing his skill even further.


Flour is the ingredient that gives us bread. Whether in a historical or a biblical sense, flour for bread was once exchanged as means for trade. Even today, in some parts of the world where the monetary system is practically non existent, flour is greeted with appreciation. There isn’t a famous chef in the world, that does not know how to work with flour. Pizzas, pasta, hamburger buns, these are all things made with flour, and unless you know how to create dough from it, you won’t be able to get far in the culinary arts.


Steaks, sushi, hamburger meat – these are all elements from the meat department. The way to work with meat is very different than anything else. It features a structure that needs to be spiced and cared for properly otherwise it will not be succulent and tasty. A professional caterer knows how to marinate different kinds of meat while preserving their natural flavor and only adding excellence to the meal. Most of these cooking techniques were developed by hunters in the past in order to make wild game meat edible. Today, almost every renowned cook knows how to handle a steak.

Vegetables and Fruits

Dishes that feature vegetables and fruits are quite specific. They are usually served fresh in a form of salad or garnish. However, most meals would not be possible without the presence of a paprika and onions in them. All of the sauces we enjoy with our meals are based on a variety of vegetables and spices, which only add to the sublime taste of the meal.

The elements described above are just a few of the large number of things a professional caterer must know. There are many recipes and ingredients which can astonish you in a culinary way. Are you interested in finding more information? If you were to call our Whittier, CA culinary specialists, they will be delighted to provide you with more information!

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